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Ole Roy here…(Ukulele World)
Lemme say we have been looking for thee MOKU UKULELES for more than a year. They are arriving… and what a wonderful instrument they are…. perfectly built, perfectly finished, with beautiful sounds… bringing back wonderful memories of all the beauty of the islands.
We give these instruments our “4 thumb’s-up recommendation.”


Hi Mike,

I received my spruce select ukulele today.  It is spectacular.  Pristine craftsmanship and a brilliant, clear, sound.  Teriffic volume in a soprano size.  This ukulele is everything you describe on your website and much more.  Thank you for a wonderful product.

Bill Mc Gowan


Hi Mike,

I just received the Moku ukuleles and they look and sound great!

Thanks and aloha!

Kent Knorr

North Carolina Ukulele Academy


Mike –

The first Mokus arrived early this week.  They are KILLER.    We’re going to sign on to stocking these things, as long as inventory and pricing are stable.  We’ll stick with the MS-60 series – and will be ordering all three sizes down the road.  Can you tell me what sort of delivery ETA we should expect if we order 5 to 10 instruments?

Also – I want to make sure that there are no other dealers in my neck of the woods.  Can you confirm/guarantee this?


Mark-Folkway Music -Canada


Moku MS-60S Soprano MSRP $319: Moku Ukulele will be one of many new vendors at Reno Uke Fest this year and I’m looking forward to trying more of their models after strumming this sweet little soprano. I was expecting a concert model to show so when the MS-60S arrived I was predisposed that it was indeed a concert. I thought that it seemed a little small but was impressed by it’s feel, construction, and full sound. When I realized it was a soprano, I was even more impressed because I’m not a soprano fan, but I like this one quite a bit.

The Moku MS-60S is Asian made from solid African mahogany and comes comes equipped with Aquila Strings. The fretboard is very comfortable and feels roomy for a soprano. If you’ve looked at the various offerings from Asian factories you know that some are very nice and some are a bit shaky. I am happy to report that the quality of this specimen is outstanding and if the balance of their line is equal, I will be recommending Moku as a serious new contender in mid-range imported ukuleles. Be sure to visit Mike at the Moku table in our Marketplace!

Doug Reynolds-Reno Uke Fest


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